- English Golden Retrievers

We are a small hobby breeder located in Rhode Island.  Breeding is not our source of income.  We breed for the love of dogs and the betterment of the breed.  We moved out to the country in 2005 to get away from the noise, traffic and congestion of the city.  We own 9.3 gorgeous acres located in Arcadia Management Area, Rhode Island's largest state park.  We are true animal lovers who own dogs and horses.  Our pets are family members.  We take great care in providing love and attention to each of our animals.


Our happy and healthy dogs have plenty of fresh air to breath and space to run and play at our home.  Each day we spend time playing and caring for them with great joy.  We do not believe in kennels.  Our dogs live in our home, sleep on our beds, and curl up in our laps or lay at our feet.  We have acres to run, play, take walks, and swim in our brook, or our pool, or in the Wood River which borders our property.  Our dogs eat only the highest quality foods.  We supplement high quality dog food with cooked foods which includes lean turkey and chicken, fresh vegetables, brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, etc.  They are given NuVet supplements plus fish oil. 


We consider our puppies a blessing and will take every effort to place them in only the most loving and nurturing homes.  Our puppies are whelped and raised in our home and receive individual love and attention.  Round the clock care is given to both mother and puppies.  Once old enough and weather permitting, our puppies run and play, while of course being supervised, in their huge play yard built especially for them. 

Arcadia White Goldens offers a health guarantee covering hips, elbows, eyes, and heart, and all genetic issues on our puppies. 

 We want you to thoroughly enjoy your new family member with complete peace of mind about your decision to welcome one of our precious golden retrievers into your home.


The Mowbray Family